MEI presents the new 4RacerTBA Swift

MEI, the global leader of lens edging machines, updates its top of the range, enriched now with new features, to continue to be the state of the art for inspection and edging of prescription lenses. The new 4RacerTBA Swift features unparalleled automatic inspection abilities and fast self controlled edging process, with the smallest physical and environmental footprint of the market.

With its new control unit and the new lens loading program, the 4RacerTBA Swift improves further the already unmatched productivity of the 4RacerTBA, being able now to edge up to 200 lenses/hour, processing 8 lenses at the same time with extreme quality and precision.

The machine performs all needed quality inspection tasks, analyzing 100% of the production, to guarantee the MEI Total Quality Control. Before edging, the built-in inspection instruments (including a multipoint Shack-Hartmann focometer) assure the automatic precise measurement of all optical parameter. After edging, with the 4QC Inspection System, it is possible to verify lens power, centering, axis, size and circ., allowing to certify that every lens meets required specifications in terms of optical parameters and shaping processes.

The new features of the 4RacerTBA Swift include the Glide Meter, a slipperiness measurement before edging to optimize speed and precision and the Silver Polishing, a new polishing process that guarantees higher quality and brilliance. A new Temperature Stabilizer improves the performance of the machine even in adverse environmental conditions; the machine has now new milling tools, with innovative materials and treatments to improve quality.

With its union of innovation, quality and reliability, MEI continues to be the choice that makes the difference.

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