MEI 4RacerTBA. Total Quality Control. Like no other.

Edging is just one part of the RX lens mounting process. Making sure that your customer receives the quality they deserve requires several inspection processes, before and after edging. This impacts on labor costs, working space and delivery time. But this was before MEI 4RacerTBA.

4RacerTBA performs all needed quality inspection tasks without increasing the edging cycle, analyzing 100% production, minimizing the rejects and automatically applying the needed

4RacerTBA allows you to certify that every lens meets required specifications in terms of optical parameters and shaping processes, avoiding any additional controls.

Inspection before edging

The 4RacerTBA certified built-in inspection instruments assure the automatic precise measurement of all optical parameter, avoiding any other inspection process before or after edging.

Lens centering ability

The 4RacerTBA performs the perfect centering of any kind of single vision or progressive lens Including single vision freeform, digressive, multifocal and plano lenses.

Final verification by 4QC inspection system