Competing with the future – MEI latest solutions (Industrial)

Constantly looking for innovative solutions that will allow labs and lens and frame manufacturers increased flexibility and productivity through simplified processing, MEI will present in the next weeks a series of key systems designed to offer its partners a total quality performance in the lens edging process.

4QC – Quality Control

MEI has added a new automatic final control to its Global Edging Rig, ensuring the highest quality of the cut lens and making unnecessary any additional controls. The new system allows you to certify that every lens meets required specifications in terms of optical parameters and shaping processes. The new automatic control system, developed as an upgrade for all 4Racer machines, performs dimensional control on the cut lens and checks the optical center and axis position after cutting, ensuring the highest optical quality of the produced lens and detecting any partial lens breakage that may have occurred during cutting.

With 4QC Quality Control you can also optimize production and maintenance. The data it collects helps you monitor the machine, ensuring that it respects precision targets and allowing you to organize preventive maintenance, which helps avoid unplanned downtime.


Drive your production process to excellence by taking advantage of Industry 4.0 technologies with the new JobTracking4.0 software application by MEI, which combines the functions of data supervision, productivity analysis, and overall lab efficiency. JobTracking4.O collects and analyzes, globally and individually, the data stored by the lab equipment, provides a complete real time view of the whole process from a single workstation, and supports equipment usage to drive operational excellence.

The MEI application, designed to implement Industry 4.0, collects production information from the edging lines, supports big data analysis, calculates the equipment effectiveness (OEE), improves yield by tracking breakages, supports predictive maintenance, tracks tools usage and help to managing a smarter, more cost-effective and efficient production environment.

Shape Finder EVO Reflector

Save time with the accurate and easy-to-use Shape Finder EVO Reflector, the new camera-based MEI lens tracer unit featuring quality control for edged lenses and for logo positions, applied either via laser or an inking process. You can create drill jobs and design complex shapes at the touch of a button, avoiding the all-too-common inaccuracies of the camera-based units currently on the market and reducing dramatically the time and trial cuts needed.

Its telecentric distortion-free optical design and easy-to-use touch screen interface make any kind lens shape detection reliable and simple. The new version includes the camera lenses and the new lighting system, designed to emphasize the edge profile, eliminating the perspective effects and the field distortion. The Shape Finder EVO Reflector unique reflection system emphasize and recognizes any kind of logo, including the partially visible ones.  The integrated control system and barcode scanner creates a user-friendly all-in-one unit that completes the ShapeFinder outstanding family.

MEI will present these new solutions during the most important exhibitions of the optics industry: MIDO in Milan, VEE in New York City and SIOF in Shanghai.