MEI EZLine Dual – Automated Conveyor System

The EZLine Dual feeder is an automated conveyor system for high-volume labs. With its twin trays flow, it provides a flexible job management system, able to handle the loading of an edging line of several MEI machines with a throughput of up to 600 pairs/hour. EzLine Dual receives the… Read More

MEI expands its presence in Asia with a new branch in Japan

It’s with great pleasure that we announce the opening of a new MEI branch in Japan. This step comes as part of our continuous efforts to serve our customers at best and make our products and services as widely available as possible. Starting from January 1st, 2022, Mr. Gian Piero… Read More

MEI’s global development continues

We are very pleased to announce that we have opened a new technical service office in Bangalore. India is a major market for MEI and the new office will enable the company to support our Indian customers at best with the local MEI Team. Read More

The new EasyFit Trend is receiving great feedback worldwide

Developed from MEI’s experience in manufacturing lens edging machines, the EasyFit Trend is the new block-less compact solution tailored for optical shops and small labs. This new edger represents a further breakthrough for the field with its unique features, including: the high precision and reliability of milling technology.Eco-friendly Dry Cut… Read More

Ciao mondo! 3

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